Fibergrate is a fiberglass reinforced plastic product designed for many industrial and commercial uses ranging from:

• Structural Shapes
• Moulded Grating and Products
• Hand railing and Cat ladders

Graco Airless Spray Equipment

We supply professional airless spraying equipment from Graco, one of the world’s leading producers. With the latest technology from Graco we can assist you no matter what finish you are looking for, be it for industrial spraying use, large scale spraying projects, road markings or anything else. Not only do we stock the machinery, we are also able to supply you with all the accessories (hoses, spray guns, nozzles and couplings) or materials you require to complete your project timeously and efficiently.

Weldmesh Gabions and Geosynthetic Products

We supply Weldmesh Gabion Boxes and Weldmesh Reno Mattresses for use in architectural (indoor and outdoor) and civil engineering applications. We also supply a wide range of geosynthetic products such as geotextiles, geogrids, cellular confinement systems, piping, erosion control systems, cuspated drainage sheets, vegetation protection, geosynthetic clay liners, and geomembrane liners. These are all used in applications such as subsoil drainage, reinforcement, road and pavement rehabilitation, erosion control, cable ducting and water and waste containment.

Concrete Repair & Adhesives

Structural Adhesives

Our construction adhesives can bond concrete to plasterboard, foam, plastic, glass and virtually any other surface. Products include Low Viscosity Epoxy Adhesives, Quikset Structural Adhesive, Wet-to-Dry Concrete Adhesive, General Purpose Epoxy Paste and Non-Sag Epoxy Adhesive. If you require a construction product to repair or provide a structural bond, we will have the best solution for your application.

Carbon Fibre Laminates

If you are looking to increase the bearing capacity of columns on bridges and buildings or increase the shear strength of beams, carbon laminates can provide an easy inexpensive solution. Carbon fibre laminates are perfect for increasing the carrying capacity of load carrying beams after a fire or to repair errors made during construction.

Grouts & Concrete Repair

We supply cement and epoxy grouts for the industrial market. Our concrete repair products move through old concrete seeking out ferrous metals and then bonds to these, strengthening them and preventing further corrosion. On all the grouts and concrete repair products we supply we can advise on application to areas affected under water.

Concrete Additives

We can provide expert advice on a wide range of concrete additives that ranges from corrosion inhibitors to waterproofing and curing compounds.