Resinous Floorings

We provide high quality resin-based flooring products and expert installation advice. Resinous flooring is ideal for industrial finishes such as epoxy coatings and screeds in warehouses, car park surfaces, areas that require corrosion protection as well as decorative flooring in homes and retails shops. Most of the flooring products we supply are HACCP compliant and come with good guarantees from the product manufactures.

Joint Sealants

Joint sealing is a key part of the construction process and with our superior products and good advice you can enhance the visual appearance of your project while also improving insulation internally and externally. Improved insulation through good quality joint sealant can result in better energy ratings. The high-performance joint sealing products we recommend will perform well under all environmental conditions without breaking the required seal. We can assists with facade joints, roof joints, floor joints, civil engineering projects, interior joints as well as joint renewal and repair on existing projects.


Depending on your requirements we can assist you with coatings for repairs of corroded structures as well as upgrading of old structures.
• Epoxies
• Acrylics
• Polyurethanes